Q: How do I join the MpogTop100 toplist?
A: Click the 'join'-button to register yourself and the game. Once you have registered your game just copy the buttonlink-code and place it on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on the voting link, your site will be "ranked" higher on the MpogTop100-listing.

Q: How do I add my banner?
A: When registering you can already add the code of your banner. It is a code that starts with <a ref="http.......  etc. Once you choose for the very low priced service to display your banner with your listing, and you have made the payment, your banner will immediately show up.
We strongly recommmend you add your banner to your listing as it will bring much more visitors to your game !!. 

Q: How do I advertise my listing?
A: We offer you the option to add your banner to your listing at a very low price. Just click 'buy now' in the 'My Games' section. After the payment has been made your banner will show up instantly for a period of 31 days.
We strongly recommmend you add your banner to your listing as it will bring much more visitors to your game !!.  

Q: Why should I join?
A: By joining the MpogTop100 topslist, you'll get more exposure and much more visitors/traffic on your website. More traffic means more players for you ....  and joining MpogTop100 is 100% free :)

Q: Does my website show up in the list immediately
A: Yes, the website you submitted will show up in the list immediately, But, we do check games that are submitted which means that if your games does not meet the requirements we will remove it.

Q: My game has just started, Is that a problem?
A: No, absolutely not  !! All online rpg/roleplay games are most welcome on MpogTop100.

Q: What does IN and OUT mean?
A: The column 'IN' represents the total number of votes/hits that came from your site. The column OUT represents the total number of visits/clicks to your site, from the list.

Q: What are categories?
A: We currently accept several catarogories of online rpg games. You use the catagories to filter the list on the specific game of intrest. When you sign up your new RPG game make sure its in the correct catagory to receive the maximum ammount of targeted visitors.

Q: Why is my ranking reset every month?
A: This is done to give every game and new MpogTop100 members a fair chance of a good ranking.

Q: Can i sumbit multiple websites?
A: Yes, you are allowed to add multiple website, but do NOT submit the same website more than once.

Q: Is MpogTop100 really free?
A: Yes MpogTop100 is 100% free and will always stay free. We just charge a very low fee for adding your banner to your listing.  

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